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Transitions Mental Health Services improves the health and wellbeing of individuals with mental health challenges, their families and the community, through services, education and advocacy.

We, at Transitions recognize that mental illness can affect anyone, and we know that every person's illness is unique to their experience. Knowing this, we have assembled a group of mental health experts and designed a wide variety of clinical and supportive services to take on any issue that undermines mental health and wellness. We believe that improved mental health is possible for everyone and it is our duty to provide services that are flexible enough to work for everyone's unique circumstances, on an individual basis, regardless of the situation.

Our commitment to respect the dignity and worth of all Quad Citizens is the common thread that weaves the fabric of every service we provide. Anyone seeking to improve their mental health and wellness will be met with compassion and we will act to bring stability to everyone looking for clarity in times of difficulty. With this pledge, we commit to improve the mental health of the Quad Cities.


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